Saturday, March 21, 2009

Musings on a lonely night...

If somebody has read my status on Facebook (or 'what's on your mind' as they say now on the new and shitty FB) recently they would come across "Anirudh is thinking about writing a book" and that’s true too. I'm actually thinking of writing one, and I hope I will get to. They are literally tens of ideas in my head and I hope I'll be able to string them together to make a story. The idea solidified in my head when I was sitting alone and lonely a few nights back, with no Laptop, no one to talk to, and didn't feel like studying for the exam tomorrow.

The trouble is that they were three different ideas in my head or rather themes. First is my philosophical thinking, and plans to leave the world some of Anirudh's laws, second is what I am pursuing right now and the third and most bankable was SEX !
Yes you heard right, that’s the best theme you can have for any movie/book to sell even if without it wouldn't be worth its weight in junk. Sex Sells ! Recently I read the book 'Of course I Love You' from Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja. It’s a breezy read, good to kill time if you have a few hours to spare, but nothing more. But not exactly booker prize material. It seems like the Autobiography of the two writers with some creative liberty with the truth and copious quantities of Sex added everywhere to spruce it up. And it seems to be doing well. Durjoy Dutta is a blogger turned writer (him and few other discussed later gave me this idea to write a book, if they can get published why can't I?), Maanvi Ahuja is his girl friend. Both graduate students, now working. The biggest reason it is selling is because of the sex in it, in a Indian (Delhi to be precise) context. Indian youth can relate to it, far cry from something like 'Letters to Penthouse' series where crazy American wrote about their 'sexcapades' (fantasies actually, most of them were fake). That’s the exact same Chetan Bhagat's recent two novellas did ok. ‘Five Point Someone’ was good, but the rest two had nothing in them except 'sex in confined places' or 'sex on the roof with your best friend's sister'. Again as I said, Sex Sells. But as I repeatedly keep telling my Dad about double parking "I can't do something I criticise others about".

Two other bloggers I follow wrote two books recently - 'You are here' by Meenakshi Madhvan and 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' by Rashmi Bansal, while SHSF is doing ok, YRH seems to have sunk without a trace. Probably Meenakshi or blogging name eM forgot to put sufficient amount of sex in it, thats what made her blog famous in the first place. Both her and Jhoomur Bose or JBo got launched into orbit by the frequent mention of sex in their blogs and there brazen attitude about it, especially Jhoomur's. A women talking about her sexual adventures unabashedly in public with the little anonymity that the web can now provide with definitely get eyeballs (mouse balls in this case) in India, a country where most visited sites after the likes of Google / Orkut are and, porn / soft porn sites. I realized after you have talked about yours and your equally liberated friends' sex life enough times on your blog you will get a 100 hits on your post - 'Oh I have a very bad hang over today".

Though I have nothing against them, both of them write well and about topics other than above mentioned, and write much better than me. I do read their blog too (and honestly the above topic was the reason what took me to their blog at first).

The second idea is still churning in my head. Trouble is people like Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Datta have talked about the lives in places like IIT and DCE, there is no dearth of B-School novels too ( IIMlits as they are dubbed). How do I break out of this clutter ?

I have given up the first idea, there is no way I can compete with the Nietzsches and the Foucaults. And my knowledge of MBA till now says that you should compete in the area of your competency. So with philosophy and Sex out I'm left with the only alternative of writing a memoirs / semi autographical novel kind of thing about and my experiences in Engineering College, B-School and life in general. I have had my share of Euphoric moments and Heart Aches aplenty (actually I have had many people's share of Euphoria and Heartache), looks like matter aplenty to write a book about.

But as I said I am looking for the Grand Unifying Theory to piece together all the random thoughts in my head into one cohesive book. But I have already thought of a name of the book and no I'm not going to divulge that. At least not till the book is finished.

I do want my place in the Sun !


  1. thankx bro was enlightning (lol)

  2. LOL... That wasn't my purpose when I had mentioned it... Anyway thanks, you have reaffirmed my views about us Indians.


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