Sunday, January 20, 2008

De Brevitate Vitae - The Shortness of Life

Ok this is a song sung at university convocations mostly. Though the students sing it as a beer song. I found it the latter too. And quite good too so couldn't refrain from posting it.

Latin - English

Gaudeamus igitur
- Let us rejoice therefore

Juvenes dum sumus - While we are young
Post jucundum juventutem - After a pleasant youth
Post molestam senectutem - After the troubles of old age
Nos habebit humus. - The earth will have us.

Ubi sunt qui ante nos - Where are they
n mundo fuere? - Who were in the world before us?
Vadite ad superos - Go up to heaven
Transite in inferos - Or cross over into hell
Hos si vis videre. - If you wish to see them.

Vita nostra brevis est - Our life is brief
Brevi finietur. - It will be finished all too soon.
Venit mors velociter - Death comes quickly
Rapit nos atrociter - We are cruelly snatched away.
Nemini parcetur. - No one is spared.

Vivat academia! - Long live the academy!
Vivant professores! - Long live the teachers!
Vivat membrum quodlibet - Long live each student!
Vivant membra quaelibet - Long live all the students!
Semper sint in flore. - May they always flourish!

Vivant omnes virgins - Long live the virgins
Faciles, formosae. - Easy and beautiful!
Vivant et mulieres - Long live mature women also,
Tenerae amabiles - Tender and lovable
Bonae laboriosae. - And full of good labor.

Vivant et res publica - Long live the state as well
et qui illam regit. - And those who rule it!
Vivat nostra civitas, - Long live our city
Maecenatum caritas - And the charity of benefactors
Quae nos hic protegit. - Which protects us here!

Pereat tristitia, - Let sadness perish!
Pereant osores. - Let haters perish!
Pereat diabolus, - Let the devil perish!
Quivis antiburschius - Let whoever is anti-student
Atque irrisores. - Who laughs at us, perish!

Oh and by the way this song is a hymn by Strada - Bishop of Bologna (Italy) in 1267



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