Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bucket List

After watching Dasvidaniya and The Bucket List (and probably because of Scent of a Woman) I started thinking about my death. Not that I'm in a hurry to go or afraid so but I just started contemplating(I sometimes do that) what if I had got only three months to live. What do I wanna do and how will I wanna be remembered if I kicked the bucket.

This post answers the first question (Later for the second). So here goes the list (In a not much of a priority order) -

  • Learn the Guitar
  • Learn to Ball-Dance
  • Learn to Slam Dunk (Yes I always wanted to do that)
  • Visit Mom Dad and Big Brother.
  • Have a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  • Throw a Grand Party Inviting all of my friends and play the music in it myself.
  • Attend a Metallica Concert
  • Go on a Eurotrip - Walk the cobbled stone streets of Rome, Take a ride in Gondola in Venice, Look out to the sea sitting on the shore of Athens and wonder is this where the western civilization as we know it grew from. Drink Lager in Berlin, Visit the Red light area of Amsterdam, See the Eiffel Tower lit up in Paris, Order a dram in a pub in London....
  • Donate some money to Wikipedia
  • Bungee Jump (And I don't mean those sidey jumps from a Crane or something, I mean a real jump from a Helicopter or a Bridge).
  • Buy a real Sports Bike and Rip a Highway apart at 180 km/h
  • Have a threesome (I know it sounds gross but come on, I'm a guy and every guy wishes this)
  • Go on a real Date (In which you wear tuxedos, hire a limo and take the girl to a fancy restaurant and order the most expensive wine bottle available)
  • Write a book or atleast some memoirs (Doesn't seem possible now but maybe my dying days will give me inspiration to write on)
  • Tell the people Liked and Hated in my life what I felt about them and why.
  • Go Hunting
  • And _____________________ (Intentionally left black)

These are nearly all the things I can think of right now, these are basically all materialistic but maybe I'm a shallow person.

P.S - If you think you really know me then attempt to fill the blank and write in the comments.


  1. Very Moving.....

    I wonder though what can be that blank thing bhaai ??

  2. @Angad - Hate to break your bubble... But already done that... ;-)


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