Monday, July 6, 2009

Ten Commandments for a Road Trip

Thou shalt not believe your friends when they say the place is only 4 hours away. It always turns out to be more. For a good estimate always multiply the said time by 1.5.

Thou shalt not agree to ride pillion. Especially on a Pulsar 180. Otherwise you will soon be wishing for an ASS replacement surgery.

Thou shalt not listen when you friends say we will stop at the next Dhaba/Shop. They will always say that at the last Dhaba/Shop for the next one hour.

Thou shalt not carry a huge bag. You will end up carrying unnecessary stuff, what’s really needed you are going to forget anyway.

Thou shalt not stop at the FAMOUS Dhabas on the way. They will serve ordinary food, charge astronomical prices and will have Fat Aunties with their Fat Kids asking for Mineral Water and an A.C Section.

Thou shalt not calculate the remaining time by dividing the distance by your current speed. No matter what’s your top speed is the Indian Roads and Traffic will limit your Average Speed to 60.

Thou shalt not try to overtake a Speeding Haryana Roadways. There is no surer way to death, or atleast permanent disability.

Thou shalt always drive with a High Beam. So the other Idiots who are doing this in the opposite lane get a taste of their own medicine.

Thou shalt not take a road trip in a car with its windows rolled up. Then you are not part of the Frame. Anything you see out of your window is more T.V.

Thou shalt take a road trip. Only then you can truly understand the meaning of the word FREE !

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