Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hungover Poetry

These words are a fleeting contact between two souls.
May be you are lost too like me.
But for a moment we were lost together.

If eyes were windows to the soul,
Your lips had to be the doorway.
For when we kissed I didn’t touch your lips,
But your soul.
For a moment our souls entwined,
And that moment lingered for an eternity in my heart.

Kisses are never taken but stolen. Kiss from a pretty girl is like the dew on a rose petal that leaves heavenwards with the first ray of the sun. I'm sure God would never allow for such a pleasure for mortals. A kiss has to be stolen. With each kiss we steal from this world a little of the elixir of ecstacy that made Adam & Eve forgo Eden. Promotheus stole the fire from the gods and shared it with mortals but Adam & Eve stole the kiss from the Gods and only let us have it.

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