Thursday, November 10, 2011


Not that I have a lot many regular readers but I thought I would do this anyways, I owe to my blog if not anything else.

I have  hit a dead end as far as writing is considered. I have two Ideas with me to write on, but I'm unable to give them shape in words. Whatever I forced myself to write was trite, dull and soporific to say the least. The fountain of or rather the small ephemeral stream of words inside me has dried up.

This morning while searching for a Gtalk Status Message I couldn't think of anything relevant as I'm currently neither brooding or longing for a drink; and I can't think of anything clever to say either. I am currently content and happy. No wonder there is a vacuum in my vacuous verbiage. I feel like a Happy Hulk or I should say Bruce Banner, who is lets just face it is just another intelligent guy.

So I'm going to take a hiatus, till I find my grip on my pen again or rather the slick on the keyboard and find something worth returning for. I'm gonna read more, drink more, brood more and make myself unhappy again till I get to the place again where words come from.

P.S. - I just watched 'Pyar ka punchama' and am feeling bitter towards the whole world again. I think it's helping already.


  1. 0 comment...thats a real shame. I used to visit your blog every 15 days or so to check whether you have posted any new gem. Alas, IT has taken its toll on yet another creative mind.

    Hope you'll be fine again. Get well soon....

  2. And happy and content bole toh? Content ka pata nahi par mujhe to tu hamesha happy hi laga hai

  3. O captain my captain ... Its not the IT, its the life stage ... Though IT is doing to its best to blunt the pen too ...

    But ... As Arnold said .. I'll be back ...

  4. Is it just me, or do you feel like just another Chetan Bhagat wannabe?
    Not to rain on your parade but, your grammar is pathetic, your choice of words... ostentatious, at best.
    Try shedding the holier-thank-thou aura and maybe you will actually be capable of writing something that I can't manure my garden with.

  5. @Smriti - Oh but I am... I want to have the book signings, the speeches and herald myself as the new youth icon...

    But my comprehension is worse than my grammar... Pray tell me what does 'holier-thank-thou' mean?

    But I'm flattered that my post about taking a hiatus from writing stirred you so much :-D


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