Monday, December 25, 2006


Would the world would have been a better place without love songs ???

First of all there are too many things in this world to discuss , why be fixated on something lke this , which may or may not be trivial but anyways. Especially in India where every movie has to have a romantic angle , there was this joke that what if The Sixth Sense was made in India , nothing then Bruce willis had to fall in love with the boy's mom and sing a (love) song. Even the movies which have a title from the story has to have a love song as a title song eg. Fanaa , Golmaal, Ajnabee ,Ek ajnabee among the recent ones but the list is endless.

But the real reason is that when i was actually in love i never gave much heed to them, laughed at them mostly or atleast got bored. But now after suffering a heartache whenever i listen to a love song if Happy then i miss the days or wonder if there is actually love like this and when i hear a sad one then....... well i don't need to explain what

So i ask why love songs , why ???

What good do they do , if u want to sing something popular sing about sex thats the most poular thing in the world. If they can sell from bikes to toothpaste to pens to candys based on the promise of sex then i'm sure they can sell a decent song.

So what good do they do , none, but still there are endless love songs.
They say music is the food of love , but i think heartache is food for Music, people have career makin hits after coming out of breakup eg No doubt ,Abba and with the poem i caught a glimpse of it myself. Even the old shaayars of India were nursing a broken heart when they wrote there best compositions. Maybe its what black sabbath in there interview, drugs helped them write songs because it helped them get in touch with their inside which remains covered otherwise because of the mad world around them they are forced to live in . And i think heartache can be equal if not better intoxication .

I hate myself for this blog , it made me sound a pathetic , lost lover . But i had to get it out of my system . Well anyways see ya....

till then i'll listen to another love song.


  1. Kyun... u had a break up kya arnd this time.... khair........ like love songs in India endless.. similiarly love in India is endless.. koi na koi beauty tumhe mil hi jaayegi.. Mere aashirwaad tumhare saath hain :-)

  2. Well of course i had one , around a month ago from the date of this entry. Aur ye itni deshbhakti kaise ?? Anyways i'm very happy that now i have your aashirwaad


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