Thursday, November 30, 2006

The beauty is not for me

The beauty is not for me;
The perfumed garden is suffocating;
The flute sound makes me sob;
I feel like crying in celebration.

Find me among the debris….
Awake whole night with the wounded bird
..…in company of a dying flower.
…At the funeral of a chopped tree.

I stand behind all the losers
its the nightmares that give peace to my mind;
agonizing death plays a immortal tune for me;
…i wish to take rest among the dead.

They say only the dead have seen the end of suffering
then why is it bad to be dead inside;
Pain feeds and fuels my hunger;
alone is the best company i have.

The fire heals my wounds;
The destroyed lives cause my rebirth;
Poison satisfies my thirst;
This beauty is not for me .

Pretty sad isn't it


  1. bro dat was awesome ,so i m d frst one riting a comment

  2. Anirudh...Looser!! naaaaa.... Come on ... Jab life main Challenges na ho tho kya maza... haan agar u have overcome all of them,then create some ;-) what say....Were u that hurt... hmmmm?? Its over now...

  3. Well just say these kind of challenges are no fun... Thats all...

  4. ya pretty sad...... but life isn't that sad or bad.... times come n go and alone company not a brilliant idea ana ya you deserve all the beauty of life...:)


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