Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boys Shouldn't cry

Well its been a long time since a wrote my last post...

Because i was very Confused what to write, but then i realized that's what i am , that's what my generation is , especially the not so fair sex...

We've grown up seeing our fathers asking our mothers for a glass of water and getting it too...

But now times are changed, i think the women liberation has come full circle , well atleast in the metros. Chivalry is officially pronounced dead, the metro sexual man in on the rise, women want to compete in everything and men are sometimes more than ready to hand it over to them... A perfect society one would say... But is it ??

Mel Gibson asked a very obvious though old question in his movie - What do women want ?? Men obviously have no clue ... But do the women do ?? Mel Gibson was able to read it from their very minds but he can only do as good as the women do... Which means that they should know themselves .

Women want to be independent, on equal footing , they certainly don't want to have the disadvantages but also don't want the advantages, they say they are ready to take care of themselves.

But is it ? Then why is they expect that Men shouldn't cry, they shouldn't flow with the emotions, give them a shoulder for crying instead,hould propose first, shouldn't hit them (if it comes to that), behave in front of them and what not.

They want the men to perform these duties but still want to be almost womenlike , what they don't realize that it can only be one way , we cannot act one way in front of them and another when the need arises.

Why do they label a man panzy or girlish when they themselves don't want to be labeled manly , or worse a dyke.

And Whats with the hope of a Knight in shining armour , weren't they the biggest MCP's ? When the Richard gere Shilpa shetty controversy happened a poll was conducted , 70% women said yes they would love such a thing , that is being swept off their feet and being done that by richard gere was of course a cherry on top.

When thy think that washing dishes is a husband's duty too why they don't want to go shout in the telephone office when they have a astronomical bill. When they want to get rid of the word a Woman's job i think what they should get rid of first is a Man's job.

So i am confused what road should we take ?? Be the man that our father is , which according to them is obsolete , insensitive , a cave man ? Or be the man that they want us to be and not to be in the same time ?

Maybe you too are feeling confused , well then here is my mantra..

When in serious doubt .. Pour another large..


  1. hmmmmmm... this blog is tho when u must be home... it s a very pampered blog... hain na? good that after coming home u look so relaxed.. great!! the peace of mind is still revitalized.. haha..

  2. well dnt no abt d stff u wrote abt d title...boys shud cry y nt ...i mean dnt u no d new metrosexual men !


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