Friday, July 13, 2007


"They might crib about measly pocket money, salaries or not being able to buy the latest car, but still, it appears that Indian youth are the happiest in the world according to a recent survey. A music channel found out that nearly 60 per cent of Indian youth in the age group of 16 to 34 years are both religious and happy and scored high up on the joy scale. So what's it that makes the youth happy?"

Well this was MTV. I think young Indians have taken their slogan ENJOY most seriously. But then makes us happy ?? I don't know for sure but here goes my list.

Well it seems like Money can't buy you happiness after all...

So what is joy ??

Joy is ...

An unexpected call in the middle of the night from an old friend.

Seeing your Dad so proud of you that he is nearly in tears.

When your Mom sits near you to serve you food.

It is driving around alone in the rain with roads newly wet with rain.

Its friends bursting in your room to tell you that you have passed your most dreaded subject

Its watching yours and your friend's old drunk videos.

Dozing off in the lap of your loved one while talking to him/her.

Taking a bus trip to some obscure place with your friends while singing all the Govinda movie's songs along the way.

Its watching a C grade movie or a Ramsay brothers horror flick while sarcastically admiring everything.

Getting to know that a cute girl/guy has a crush on you.

Its drinking whiskey on the roof of your building in old and mismatched glasses.

Watching early morning rain while snuggled in a blanket with him/her.

Suddenly your favorite song on the radio while sitting alone in an evening.

But then money can buy you a Porsche 911 carrera , pure bliss !!!


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