Thursday, March 20, 2008

Manipal Trip 1 (Bangalore part)

This is a continuation of my travelogue. Only have 2 more trips to go. And after the experience I had on this one I am sick of them.

I was very excited on the eve of leaving, couldn't sleep. And party due to that I have to get that LOR (Letter of Recommendation) ready before leaving. So I was up for whole night packing my things and got the letter edited from Sonell. Started getting ready at 5, had to catch a bus at 7. Didn't realize that this was my first of many sleepless nights to come.

Was before time for my bus. Dad doesn't generally trusts me on this sort of stuff so was extra careful packing my things and reaching before time. Sat on the bus, was hoping to sleep on the bus but couldn't sleep due to some problem or the other. Just had bread omelet before leaving. Reached Airport before time too. Couldn't find anything to eat on the stupid Airport. Went through check in and security check quickly. Sat int waiting area for an hour as the flight was late. Couldn't find anything to eat there, found duty free booze shop there but wasn't allowed to carry anything on domestic flight. Damn Indian Government !

As soon as the flight landed somebody's phone rang and he started speaking in kannada
'yeli sir....'. I was back in Bangalore. Went through baggage claim and was out soon. Harsh had called asking where was I, I said Jaipur, wanted to surprise him. Met Dada, Anil and one more dealer outside. Invariably talk was about dealing , seats and Candis all the time in the car. I was already feeling sick of it. Dada said " Bhaai dealing kee baat nahi karenge to gaadi ka pahiya kaise ghumega ? " Right said brother. It took one and half hour to reach Ramaiah, about the same time it took me to reach Bangalore from Bombay. MG road was choked, spent half an hour on that alone.

Stopped for booze on the way . Kingfisher Draught, after so many months. It felt like elixir from heaven. Other people went to party, Me and Dada went to his home and started on our respective sad stories over beer. Soon (after 2 beers only) i dozed off while talking to him.

Tragedy 1 -

Got up nice and early , asked Harsh for his bike . Chirg bhaai came to give his bike. Dropped him off. He said it has petrol to go for another 10 kms. Anyways I thought I'll fill while going back to college just-in-case. But the bike dried up while I was not even half way back. Had to push the bike for a km or so. Back in Bangalore baby !

Went to college to realize that map of college was changed and department was no more. There was a new building for the Mech. department. After asking around for sometime I found out the dept and the office. Took my mark sheet and looked around for HOD's chamber. After searching for 10 minutes I got the nerve to ask the always grumpy and irritated office guy where is HOD's chamber.

"HOD Sir is on leave till Monday"
Brilliant !

And I had a letter to get signed from HOD. Daniel had retired too.

Nothing to do in the college I went back to Dada's place. After thinking for an hour or so I got the idea to get the LOR from Annaiah, that old fool would be more than happy to give it to me. Prepared another letter in his name with some arbitrary crap. Went back to college and searched him for half an hour but couldn't find him, in the end found him heading for the canteen (Mech. Professor of course).

"Excuse me Sir, can I have five minutes of your time "

"Haan bolo kya chaiye tumko ?"

"Sir LOR"

"Khaana kha ke aata hai abhi , thoda daer mae aana"

"OK sir, thank you sir"

Went to the bakeries outside college just to re-live my own past. Ate 'Bun-Samosa' and drank chocolate milk shake (my staple diet in the first year). I wondered why it seemed so far off, almost some other life.

Went back to college, caught hold of Annaiah and got the letter edited (which meant that he changed highly to strongly) and asked me to get it printed. After half an hour of useless parade got the letter printed and after another half an hour of searching got the dept seal on the letter. Booked tickets for the Morning bus tomorrow.

Phew ! Work done. Off to booze now.

Met up with Harsh and went to Bush and Bull.

Two Long Island Iced teas ! (I was inspired from the book - 'The funda of Mixology')

Got talking about my boring life from past 7 months. Downed one more mug of beer and went down. I was already feeling a little drunk. Picchu came there too. She slapped me and declared "Ye to lamba lag raha hai pahle se"

Old friend hug or atleast shake hands after seeing each other after long.

Picchu slapped me !! (But hey, thats typical Picchu for you)

Anyways headed back to Ramaiah and changed and headed to Pebbles. It was refuge in the shitty times that I saw in my final year. A sort of Port in the turbulent seas. A place where found tranquility and serenity, even only for some time.

Found out that 'Our place was moved. Or rather the whole seating arrangement was changed due to to the 'No Dancing' rule imposed by the police there. Got drinking 'chilled beer' in my favorite small small green bottles. Shifted over the Bar. Had tequila. And a few sips of Mojito. Played some stupid 'Flirt with MTv VJs' game and won dog tags and fridge magnets.

Went back to Dada's place, was drunk so slept early. (Plus had to get up early as had a bus in the morning).

to be continued -


  1. Buddy can u paster Ur LOR here, would live to knw wht ur Proff's think of u. Rather wht u made them think of u!


    I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Anirudh Singh Chauhan. As the Head of Department for Mechanical Engineering I have known Anirudh for approximately two years and feel that he is a deserving candidate for your business school program. Even though I never taught him any curriculum-based subject, he often approached me for help regarding his project and studies.

    When their allotted guide Mr. Mohd. Khalid left mid-term than I guided them in their project. His dedication and organized nature helped him in successful completion of a rather tough project. He did extensive research and worked hard. He discussed and solved all hurdles in the project with intense thought process that makes him a good researcher. He has shown the motivation, intelligence, persevering nature and analytical aptitude for research and project completion.

    He is extremely co-operative and possesses the capacity to contribute positively while working in a team. He got along very well with his project mates in particular and classmates in general. He also took initiative for dispute resolution in his team and smoothened out friction whenever any arose.

    I believe Anirudh exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to business managers and business students. An education at your esteemed business school will help him hone these qualities, while enhancing his career opportunities. I highly recommend Anirudh Singh Chauhan for your program and hope that you will carefully consider his admission application.

  3. Extremely good!!

    the recoo letter is in total contrast wid ur resume!


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