Sunday, June 27, 2010


I did not choose this life, I was chosen. I was born into a world you might not understand, but I'm sure you must have caught a glimpse of it.

In our world we did not ask "how long are you going to take?" we asked for 'ETA', here things do not get damaged, they get 'compromised'. We call ourselves H.I.G.H (Highly Inspired by Generic lingo of Hollywood)

  • When entering a room we do not notice the color of the walls or the expensive paintings, we imagine places for cover if a Gunfight was to break out.
  • We do not have nicknames we have 'Call Signs'.
  • We do not wish upon somebody to fall in a ditch that had pissed us off, we wish him to get hit by a Tomahawk missile.
  • We have a constant fear that the CIA is tapping our phone because we call a lot of girls a 'Bomb'.
  • We imagine ourselves jumping from the window and landing in the chopper waiting outside during boring meetings.
  • We actually believe that a car would blow up 20 feet in the air if shot at.
  • We get MI – 2 music playing in our head every time we overtake somebody on the road.
  • We expect all Chinese people to know kung-fu.
  • We wonder from time to time if we all are actually living in The Matrix.
  • We consider the possibility of a conspiracy by evil space aliens every time our car keys go missing.
  • If John Rambo would be able to kill John McClain is a perfect dinner time conversation.
  • We know it for a fact that all Natural Disasters, Terrorist threats and Alien attacks are going to be in either New York of L.A.
  • For us, all Russians men are evil and women femme fatales.
  • We keep telling other people that why our next door neighbor could be a serial killer.
  • We worry about leaving forensic evidence behind every time we take out the car without our Dad's / Big Brother's permission.
  • Our birthday wish list always has Ethan Hunt's exploding chewing gum or James Bond's X Ray Sun glasses.
  • We never say 'best of luck' we say 'May the force be with you', there is no 'work done' but 'Mission Accomplished' for us, we do not have 'Secrets' but information that is 'Classified', there is no 'see you soon' but a 'I'll be back' and we never say 'good bye' it's always 'Over and Out'.


  1. This sounds more like a confession.. LOL

  2. @Akhil - Ha ha ha ... It is just a declaration to the world that we exist ...
    @Sachin - Thank you sir ....

  3. sahi bt humare niggas rappers(read it kota style only ) ka to u ve nt mentioned at all ,the way they have revolutionized tings ,d entire YO ting (even if its wannabe )and ya hw may ppl cud actlly relate to ds post? ,very few :( actully .WE dnt exist bhai

  4. @Prateek - We do exist. This post will be the beacon for people like us. There are more of us, let me assure you. And that Nigga thing is not influenced by Hollywood but more from Hip Hop and Rap music, so I didn't mention it here.


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