Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waah, Double ka meetha

A lot many things came out of the last year, my first (legally earned) pay included. Whatever illegal stuff I have done is a matter of another post, for now I will keep it short and sweet.

This is about the words which ran for the ‘word of the year’ and the first prize goes to –

1. Waah –The universal word to show surprise, anger, appreciation, sarcasm, enquiry and ridicule. And could be uttered with or without voice modulation. It can mean Bravo, Right, Really?, Very good to lot of other things, the possibilities are practically limitless. Though the original inventor and the source of the word was Mr. Karan Madhogaria but it was two great roommates of his Akshat and Yours truly who caught and really ran with it, thus making the word legendary. Mayank Sharma tried to imitate ‘Waah’ but him being himself could not imitate and thus gave birth to the ‘Waah (Without voice modulation)’.

So now if you hear it from us or read it on FB then you would know what it is.

2. Double ka meetha –Though ‘Waah’ got the first prize, this was the most innovative word of the year and it came out nearly towards the very end. This phrase taken from a type of Hyderabadi Dessert (made of bread = DOUBLE roti, milk and ghee) came out to mean something which had no words for it till now.

It was when a guy (not me) got BPM in Chennai in the allocations in Infy, the least desired stream in the least desired location that Akshat uttered this phrase –“Yaar iska to double ka meetha ho gaya”

From then the phrase caught on between the three of us (I, Vipul and Akshat) and now I am trying to spread the innovation. I have even uploaded it on Urban Dictionary. The phrase describes getting a double serving of bad luck or one disaster right after another.

Example : Guy 1 –Yaar ladki milne bhi nahi aayi aur ate hue gaadi ka tyre bhi puncture ho gaya
Guy 2 –Ha ha ha ha …. Abey tera to double ka meetha ho gaya ….

So now you know. More later. Adios


  1. agar tune is blog ka second part likha to double ka meetha ho jayega... :)

  2. Ha ha ha ... Nahi likhuga ghabra mat ... I am working on something which might actually be funny :-P

  3. This is one of my favorite desserts:-)

    Here is a fun song about Double Ka Meetha


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