Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Experiments with Truth

Last night an insane idea passed my head. Or was it an inane one? Or maybe insipid, perhaps intrepid, maybe even inarticulate but definitely inalienable. I was drunk, and by drunk I really mean high. And I was almost about to act on my momentary lapse of reason, but thank god I didn't, as it does not look such a good idea when the alcohol content in my blood has reduced.

Anyways the idea was that when I'll be about to get married (which I soon will be, given the pace my parents are working on this) I will publish the list of girls I had a thing for, the girls I found hot or liked. Girls whom I thought might have had a thing for me. And ask them if they ever did.

I don't know what possible good can come from this and I can think of lot of bad which can ,but nevertheless it seemed the perfect thing to do last night.

Marriage does seem like the end of life but it really isn't. But when I do die I do really wanna tell people what I really thought about them and to discuss all the things that could have been. I would be dead soon so I don't think the repercussions would ever reach me. Considering that those people will outlive me of course.

I'm not sure why do I wanna do this, they will be too old to care and would be dying too soon to matter. But as I always think. Truth matters.


  1. You want to open book of secrets !
    Gud luck boi :d

  2. LOL. No .... This was just a momentary lapse of reason ...


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