Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fuck Pakistan (and its good, sweet people)

Yes yes I know their soldiers are trying to kill ours, their entire nuclear arsenal is made to annihilate us, they send insurgents to spread terrorism and their fast bowlers have been fucking our batsmen for a longer time than I want to admit.

But try as they may, in the golden words of Ramsay Bolton “You can’t kill me, I am a part of you now”.

The funny thing is ……..that outside India and Pakistan we are not trying to kill each other, we are actually one. One army friend of mine said that even the Indian and Pakistani army officers get along well while at UN Peacekeeping missions. I remember eating in a restaurant named Kathmandu in Paris, which served Indian food, which was run by Pakistanis. I heard them speaking in Punjabi, so when the guy came to serve I asked where is he from, he said Islamabad. I asked if they speak Punjabi in Islamabad, he said Punjabi and Urdu are both spoken in Islamabad. He finally gave us 10% discount and refused to take the tip I left. He said “Arey aap aur main to ek hee jagah ke hai”. Indeed.

There is another Pakistani guy near where I stay in Madrid, he is extra warm towards me and my Indian colleagues from office. The last I went to eat at his restaurant he first refused to take money and gave us a discount and then gave three cans of coke on top of that. He works in a shop run by a Bangladeshi. I would think he would like him more than us because they are both Muslims but he doesn’t, in fact he complains of him ruining his Hindi. When we were in Pamplona during San Fermines, when the running of the bulls happens, the moment immortalized in ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’, we found only one restaurant serving veg food, a place selling Falafels and Durum kebabs, again run by a Pakistani. When I was trying to order in my shitty Spanish he interjected saying that he speaks both English and Hindi. The rest of the transaction went on in Hindi when another friend used there toilet and we got a discount. The guy made an extra effort to mark the veg rolls as Veg rolls.

We are part of them too and they are a part of us. Exhibit A – My friend saying “Saggy (another friend of us) ke to Lahore lage hai abhi”. Lahore lagna = having a jolly good time. “Lahore na dekha to kya dekha” is another Punjabi saying that he quoted.  They (Pakistanis) watch all the Bollywood movies and follow our movie stars and we all reluctantly agree their Coke Studio is better than ours.

I wonder where the blood lust comes from, the will to take lives and kill each other for losing cricket matches or lesser. We eat the same food, we like the same things, we nearly speak the same language, we were enslaved colonized by the same people, we look the same and we both swear by cricket. The Pakistanis I met in Paris asked where am I from, having no good answer I said Bangalore (I just randomly say whatever I feel like when I am asked this, see this post), when the guy brought me food he said, “arey Kumble aur Dravid wahin se hai na”. I nodded without saying we (me and Kumble) don’t speak the same language or eat the same food, in fact I am closer to you then I am to them. For a second I felt a strange kinship to him. But for a second only, then all the scenes of them invading our country filled my head. Fuck Pakistan, it’s good, sweet people and filmmakers who propagate this shit.

Why can’t we all make Peshawari Naan and not war?
P.S - By the way the photo I uploaded is a Indian restaurant in Segovia run by a Pakistani named "La Juderia" which means the 'The Jew'.

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