Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Momentary lapse of reason

I finally take this moment to write my own blog , I've been trying to write it for quite some time now.

I take this moment to remark upon what does the youth really want , going by polls on NDTV , AAJTAK and the likes maybe they want no laws , easy sex, fast food , pizzas or something like that . But do they ??

Being a 22 yr old maybe i can tell the inside story or maybe not but i'll say it anyway , as a poll on a popular TV news channel 77% of youth has contempt for the law, so why should I go against popular belief. As in this moment i'm knee deep in debt myself all thanks due to boozing and endless partying in this semester ( My use of the word semester makes it pretty clear what do i do ) , Saturday night has to be fun , about partying i mean all the western songs are about it , the western movies too stand united on it . Never mind that your Dad isn't a millionaire you should party anyways , and i would not say that i don't enjoy it.
But is all the propaganda about it because i really like it or because i like it because it has too much propaganda around it , is dancing around brain numbing music while you are pissed drunk the ultimate bliss ?? Can't say myself as I have been doing it too much , so maybe the best judge can be someone else.

One thing fuels the other , something like a chain reaction.

Another real paradox in this world is that all the junk food in this tastes so F%#*ing nice. while whatever is actually good for you tastes like Shit. No wonder we are attracted towards it. I mean who all can say that KFC's burger is far worse than what they get in dinner every tuesday !! Maybe this even beats Einstein's twin paradox, after travelling in time space for 20 years basically all the people reach this conclusion.

And this might seem like the stupidest of all things in this world to discuss but to me they all are worth discussing. Or did i tell you that i am drunk.....

Hic hic... Cheers !! ;-)


  1. Hey Ani... even when u were drunk u wrote well... what a "momentary lapse of reason" ... u actlly collapsed ;-) it seems those days u were partying too hard... Gr8...
    does this have any relevance to this song called "Unke Nashe main...Unke nashe main.."

  2. No , no relevance to that song.

    And all my blogs are momentary lapses of reason. The time i break out of the sane and reasonable mind and write what i feel strongly about... Otherwise i appear indifferent... Hence the name...


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