Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well I thought there has been too much Melancholy and booze in my blog and also after the Fiasco a few days back I rather write (and think) about anything but booze.

So no booze in this post (none in my life too for sometime)

So I’ll write abut Non alcoholic drinks and how useful they are. I think alcohol and its uses have been done to death anyways.

Let’s first start from the drink that makes life possible in this planet. Water. H2O. Well it’s a compound of hydrogen and Oxygen having Molecular weight 18 and common by product in Red-Ox reactions. Earth surface is majorly made up of water (70%). More than 62 % of our body weight is made up of water. It’s been known as a very good thirst quencher (although a distant second to beer). Its uses are many, it can be used as to mix with whiskey, or with rum, brandy, some with people even mix it with vodka but I wonder how it would taste. It can be used as a cure for acute dehydration i.e. a hangover though it’s better if you mix it with lemon juice first (first hand experience). And of course it’s a major ingredient of ice cubes. The small translucent solids we use to chill our drinks, to keep beer cold in ice boxes and they are the rocks in ‘On the rocks’ drinks.

Second would be Soda. Carbonated water, also known as sparkling water, fizzy water, soda water, club soda, seltzer water, or pop water is plain water into which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved, and is the major and defining component of most "soft drinks". It’s a complex drink made with water (the aforementioned drink), carbon di oxide (CO2), common salt (NaCl) and lot of other complex chemicals. Common uses are as a mix with whisky, with Vodka and lime. Or just with lime and salt. Also told to be curing acidity by a few stupid friends of mine, though soda itself contains Carboxylic acid.

Third would be Soft drinks or Cold drinks as they are popularly known in this side of the world. Again carbonated water with Sugar (lots and lots), artificial flavoring substances and Permitted class II preservatives. They come in many flavors viz. Cola, Orange, Lemon, Mint (yes yes it did, in the movie Corporate) and lots of other flavors. Uses would be to gain a beer belly without drinking beer, ruin your teeth, gaining Osteoporosis. Though it’s chiefly used by teetototallers to give company to alcoholics and by alcoholics to give company to their drinks (I mean who drinks neat?? Except drunkards beyond help, although you can drink a whole bottle with water and still call yourself a sensible drinker) Also used by big shots to sweeten their drinks as they can’t handle the bitter whisky otherwise, but under the disguise that it gives color to the drink, or my personal favorite it brings out the flavor of whisky (You morons!! Whisky is supposed to be golden brown and it has all the flavors it needs). Though mixing with Vodka and white rum (read Bacardi) is socially acceptable in most parts of the country.

And last but couldn’t be further from Least is Milk. (Perverts behave!!) Yes Milk it is. This drink of course needs no introduction and doesn’t require a run through of composition. It’s the stuff which Ice creams are made of. The thing we use to cure hang over induced acidity and to as few of my friends put it to form a layer in the stomach before the expected onslaught of more alcohol. Though I heard it’s mixed with vodka to form a cocktail known as Doug or something (It was the movie brick. Awesome movie... Neo noir and… Naah, never mind). But its best and most generic use is with Bhang. A little bhang with cardamom milk mixed in a brass urn and ample amount of sweets later can certainly do the trick (Honeymoon travels anyone??). A very popular drink, especially in the countryside.

So you see alcohol is not the only thing in this world. There are other drinks far more useful than liquor. And as I realized today and I’m sure you would too that without these drinks life would be impossible.

Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems (but then so doesn’t milk).

And please excuse the guy who wrote in the brackets it’s the alcoholic in me.


  1. Have you tried any of these drinks that you have mentioned?

    Jisme PhD ki hain ab uske baare main likhna..

    Aisa lagta hain ek piyakkad ko apple juice pila dia o aur use hangover ho gaya ho.. ;)

  2. Arey bilkul kiya hai .... I also found them very useful for the reasons i wrote...

  3. this is what we call hard core loyalty for booze.... :)


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