Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wonder

I wonder..
That why a flower looks so pretty when its removed from its shoot
While the shoot looks so barren and incomplete
But the shoot will grow more flowers while the destiny of the flower is to wither and die.

I wonder...
About Cigarettes
You want to kick it.
Everyday you stay away from it your urge increases for it day by day.
At a point you can't control it any longer, you give in.
You smoke, take long drags. The warm smoke in your lungs feels so good. Your head clears. You realize how good it felt to smoke. wondering from where this genius idea of quitting ever came into your head.
You smoke the entire thing. Feeling so good and smiling happily. But after the cigarette you realize you are supposed to quit. It is obviously is bad for you in the long run, thats why you wanted to kick it in first place. But you just smoked. You are back to square one. Its like you were smoking till now. So quitting becomes all the more hard.
What do you do ??


  1. An oceanic depth can be seen... I believe "avoid it yaa Ani" :) the depth of an ocean cannot be measured and so does of smokers!!

  2. I thought you belonged to the non smoker's cult

  3. I do, I am still a non - smoker. But I do know a thing or two about addiction. Smoking or otherwise.


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