Thursday, December 20, 2007

Think about this....

Well I thought of myself as a small time poet in my own right until I read this.
And to all of you people who think themselves of as a Big Kahunas of the blogging world, think again.

Its taken from another blog - Alice in Gingerland
Title - Who am I this time ?

P.S - Thank god for the Internet

Am I the one who has loved
With the passion of a raging fire
Or am I the one who said ‘I love you’
And in same breath called myself a liar

Am I the one who has written
Glorious lyrics that a few have ever seen
Or am I the one who fit the description of
‘The worst poet’ that most think, has ever been

Am I the one who has laughed in the sun
And felt that ecstasy that runs so rare
Or am I the one who flitted for months
Among foggy clouds of my own despair

Am I the wanderer that I claim to be,
The traveler of all the world’s market squares
Or am I the one who enjoys the solitude
Of lying buried in my own library’s lair

Am I the one who loved them all
And am I the one, her soul who shared
Or am I the one who fought her own battles
And along the way never really cared

Am I the one who worked for a cause
Am I the one who walked with a dream
Or am I the one who drifted in time
Belonged to no man, no woman and no realm

And then sometimes I stop the watch
And I lazily compose such a rhyme
Knowing I will not answer the question, I still ask,
Who am I this time?

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  1. I have the answer as to who are you this time? well... Yur are the "Poets of the Fall" at first place. secondly the very fact "Human Being" :)


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