Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dehradun trip - 3

Day 4 -

But when we get up at 12, we realize that everyone left and we are left there . Very good.

So we take a taxi and haul ourselves back to Dehradun.

We reach his house at around 1:30 and wake him up.

I ask him how is he feeling. Now that he is a married man and all. He says something about how he felt that his life has changed when he was sitting in the Mandap and the Pandit was reciting the Mantras. He felt something different. Well his life surely has changed.

We do time pass for sometime. Its freezing in the house too.

Global Warming my ass !

Then we go back to the hotel. Baccha arrives just as we reach the hotel. He complains why we didn't call him till now. Well we explain him and say that we''ll get ready and meet him in a few hours.
We get ready. But Anmol is reclusive about coming with us. So I and Lion leave him and go about in the Market with Baccha. We pick up Moksh along the way.

We see a hot girl entering a medical store. Bachha screeches the Safari to a halt. Moksh runs after her towards the store. And stammers from there " Bh..bh..bhaai wo bukhaar waali dawaai ka n.n.n.naam kya tha ??"
"Crocin maang le"

Another friend of Baacha Moksh arrives ( a white safari). He too has seen the girl. Acts smart.
Utters something about "Excuse me I think have seen you before"
"No I don't think so"
Ba-ha ha ha ha.... End of story.

We realize that Dehradun is not too different from Kota.

We start drinking. Or rather its only me. Moksh has like, 30 ml. We get down as Lion has to buy biscuits and Rusk to take back to baroda. He bloody buys stuff worth 2500 bucks. Apparently he had a empty bag with him for this thing only. Man is he a foodie or what ?

We reach Baccha and Moksh's gym. Till now I'm nearly half a bottle down. And drunk. They get in while I and Lion get down and start wandering on the roads of Dehradun. Sort of a 'High on the Highway' thing.
After sometime these people get done from the gym. We head back to the hotel.

Its the reception today, we get ready and head to the reception. Baccha and Moksh come and leave early. We say our goodbyes. And they leave.

We (Me, Lion, Mr E and Gupta) have planned to give him 10,000 cash now. And the best thing is we don't even have an envelope. So we give him 10,000 cash in hand. He asks Preeti to take the money from us. As the dude had dropped 7000 from his pocket yesterday which he was supposed to give for returning his Jutiyan. Well birds of a feather.....

Well time to take leave from him. So we hug him and say bye. Say bye to Preeti too. I give him advice too for the future "Bhaai ab tum launde nahi rahe, Dhyaan rakhna is baat ka". I Wonder if he understood the full meaning of this statement.

"Bhaai kal subah tumhaare gaadi bhijwa duun "
"Haan bhaai wo bahut accha rahega"
"Theek hai Suarav ko phone kar dena kal subah"
"Theek hai bhaai, chal bye"

We get back to the hotel, pack our stuff which was lying all around the room and put an alarm for 4 o clock. We have a train at 5 in the morning.

DAY 5 -

We get up at 4. Pack our stuff and get ready to leave.We call Saurav at 4:30.
No answer.
Call him again. And again and again.
We get outside and keep calling him. Still No answer.
Time to get worried !
04:45 in the morning. No creature in sight leave alone a taxi.

"I'm going ahead to look for a taxi" I say.
My stuff is here, I'll get the taxi back" and start walking towards the station which is like 6-7 kms from the hotel.

My phone rings. Its Lion.
"Andy bhaai aap kahaan ho ?"
"Usi raod pe aage. Kyun ?"
"Peeche ek truck dikh raha hai ?"
"Umm.... Haan dikh raha hai"
"Usko hath do, hum usi ma hain"
I start jumping in front of the incoming truck. The truck stops. A man opens one of the door.
"Uh Bhaaisahab ...."
"Haan Andy bhaai yahi hai jaldi chad jao"

Ok so we are sitting in a truck.

Trying to get to the station. We get down, give the guy 100 bucks and say thanks. And start running towards the platform.

Its 5:15 by the time we reach. The train left 5 mins back.

Cool. So what now I am asked.
I suggest we take a Bus to Delhi and catch the connecting train from there as its at 5 in the evening from there. Lion wants to take a taxi. Anmol has no say.
We argue a bit. In the end we decide to take a train to delhi which leaves at 7. Ok.

We buy tickets of general. Pay TT the money to adjust us in AC. We all sleep as soon the train gets moving and I get up just about time when the train is about to to reach Delhi. We get down at Hazrat Nizammudin. Ok how to get to New Delhi station ?

Local train a guy there suggests. Ok . A local train arrives. But the compartment is full'. I rush in with my bag. And I'm literally thrown out of it. As I'm standing out, a hand grabs me and pulls me in the Ladies compartment. I'm half outside and half inside. With somebody pulling me in with my bag. Scenes of a few Hollywood movies flash in front of my eyes. Its Lion and Anmol they got on the ladies compartment. Ok so we are traveling in the Ladies compartment and that too without ticket. Great !

I even have to brush in the waiting room at Delhi station. Lion is getting hungry and impatient. So we head outside and go to Connaught Place. Everything closed. Oh its 26th Jan today. We finally find a Pizza Hut. Get in , eat. With a guy constantly staring at us. Though we didn't do anything to him, or his wife. That guy looks like an ass and his wife is HOT. We wonder why did God made us so Handsome ?

We pay a bill of 700 and head back to the station.

Finally we sit in the train. I realize that we left a packet containing sweets as return gift from Ankur and my phone charger in the earlier train. Very good. We try to set the TT to let Anmol sit with us in A/C. He has a sleeper ticket. But he asks for way too much money. So Anmol plans to chuck it. We eat Dinner and he leaves for his bogie.

Me and Lion chat for sometime. Kota arrives at about 10. I get down, say bye to Lion and leave.

After 15 minutes he calls me "Bhaai apka shaving kit to mere hee pass rah gaya"

Awesome finish to an Awesome trip !


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