Saturday, February 16, 2008

Deharadun Trip : Aftermath

Apart from all the fun and games and all the adventure I realized a few things on this trip.

I won't call this trip an eye opener but ya lots of things made me wonder.

I saw how the world around me has changed. The people around me has changed. All the 4 people around me were from business families who had already joined their dad's businesses. I was alone from a service class and only one without a job.

My friends have become nearly proper businessmen. One was constantly on the phone taking orders, giving orders, trying to strike deals. One brought his laptop along. Other two had made arrangements so that they won't be disturbed while they are here. They were all on tight schedules. Money was no longer an issue. time was. Everybody was throwing money here and there , the one thing we were short of in college. That to save time . what we had in plenty of in college. We rented taxis, paid tips, bought tickets like money was no issue.

And everybody wanted to have as much fun as possible in this time. Money no bar. Sort of as a return on time invested. They all knew soon they will be back home soon. And two were worried they might get married soon.

All of them were in the habit of waking up early. I was the only one still student like, and who has a student life in future again.

Ankur was fair in his dealings. Gave money without asking. And never asked for it. He tried to play the host . And you have to give it to him that he tried.

They all were talking business many times. Lion even brought a business plan to put up a bio-diesel plant in Dehradun to Cheetoz .And I felt left out in that way many times

'Ab hum log launde nahi rahe'.

We were thinking about our growing bellies all the time. Nobody except me was ready to walk even a little. People wanted heaters, bellboys, showers at the hotel. Whatever happened to guys who could sleep on floors ??

Everybody needed permission to go anywhere. But not for spending money.

Everybody felt some weight of responsibility on his shoulders. We were answerable to someone, if it was us only. We were not that carefree college kids anymore.

The more we tried to go back to our good old days, the more we couldn't and the more we missed it. Something inside us had died. Though we were not oldies in any sense, or middle aged, but we longer had that fire, that vigor in us.

And nobody of us could drink like we used to.

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