Monday, April 28, 2008


A barrage of lights, and a sea of people,
Sounds in the distance and a few smile on loan
They help me peek out of my Palace of ennui. But,
This loneliness never leaves me alone.

The smell of the new air, the sounds of a different scale.
The joy of something new, the thrill of something unknown.
But when all these are done and gone I wish atleast,
This loneliness never leaves me alone.

We all are but passing ships in the vast sea of world,
we think its anywhere together we may roam.
But its the winds and current of life that carry us. Thank god,
This loneliness never leaves me alone.

Sometimes a smiling nod on the way,
A few banter filled talk on the phone.
Life's best year spent with you, but only
This loneliness never leaved me alone.

I know there will be few roads diverging along the way,
Some will lead to oblivion, some will lead to the Throne
There will be more companions beside me on my way.
But soon like leaves in the wind of fate we will be blown.
So with no surety of our time together. Only,
This loneliness will never leave me alone.

But what's the use and whom to blame,
Rant under my breath and cry and groan ?
So, Oh my solitude I welcome you,
This loneliness that never leaves me alone.

People come and go, so shall I one day
I wonder what my epitaph will say on the stone.
But it really doesn't matter. As there too, only
this loneliness will not leave me alone.


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