Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fair Trade?

When I was in the 9th standard I and one of my friend were discussing what we wanted, I said what I wanted right now is to grow up fast. Of course that time I had no clue what growing up actually meant. Now ten years later I still don’t know if I grew up or not. But what I do know is what I traded for it.

I traded skinned knees for bruised egos. Toothache for Heartache .

I traded the time where your worth was known by the runs you scored for the time it is known by locality of your residence Worrying about not having 10 Rs to eat ice cream for worrying about a 10 lakh package.

I traded the thrill of bunking school to go the river side for lonely weekend trips. I traded drinking 300 Rs bottle on the top of the water tank for a boring 900 drink in F- Bar.

I traded carefree cramped scooter rides for drives in Sedans alone. Crowded Rock Concerts for forlorn business Conventions.

I traded times where one ‘I’m sorry’ message was enough for times where nothing short of a necklace would do .Racing motor bikes for boasting about the price of your car stereo.

I traded 2 AM calls saying ‘Andy Bhai ek pappi de do’ for impersonal New Year SMS, fighting over midnight Maggi to eating alone in midnight buffets.

I traded searching from whom to borrow money for searching for someone to join me for lunch. Lines like ‘Saale mere 15 rupaye ka dega?’ for 15k EMI notifications.

I traded the joy of winning a 'Gali' cricket match for indifference towards India’s world cup win. I traded watching Allen Donald’s bowling action for watching my own weight.

I traded fighting over video game’s remote for my own laptop and nothing to do with it. I traded shouting outside from my friends’ house to a swanky cell and nobody to talk to.

I traded forced canteen treats for dull 5 star buffets, birthday cakes for marriage receptions.

I traded 3 AM surprise calls for 'Nandi Hills' for people checking their schedules. Calls like ‘Saale 4 hee peg baje hai jaldi pahuch’ for ‘Are you free this weekend?’

I traded advice like ‘Abey ek ghante aur padhne se tu top nahi kar lega’ for advice like ‘You should take this assignment; it’ll be good for your career’. Talking about girlfriend trouble for talking about your girl’s nursery admission trouble

I traded hugs and ‘sahi hai beta’ for like button on Facebook, being there for seeing online photo albums.

I traded finding out the cute girl in white’s name for finding out the name of NASSCOM president, I traded friends dropping in for no reason for e-mail forwards.

I traded worrying what’s for dinner for worrying where to eat dinner. Fighting with mom to go out to eat for missing her cooked food.

I traded 'Adda-baaji' for Meetings, Pet Names for Designations. .

I traded filling coloring books for filling IT returns. Doodling on yahoo messenger for writing blogs like these.

Fair trade?


  1. Don't know fair or what but ya painful... growing up really hurts.... i wish i could turn back time.....

  2. We all wish the same... Unfortunately every one makes the same mistake... They don't value the present and run after the future, where they think everything will be better....

  3. I have been reading ur blogs for some time now..actually only a couple of weeks..really like d way u bring it out..good work bro..keep it going :)

  4. @Karan - Thank you... Your appreciation is really welcome and needed :-)

  5. @ Anirudh this is one of the most over used and cliched theme, but some of your lines were really good, they touched a raw nerve somewhere.I'm no cynic, but like to sit back and reflect on the past once in a while, and this one just made me do that.:)

  6. @Warrior - Ya I agree that it has been done to death... But what I wrote was exactly how I felt like when I was writing it. And I on the other hand, am more or less a cynic.


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