Monday, March 22, 2010

C'est la vie

They say that there are not three dimensions, but four. Time being the fourth one. Sometimes when you look back on your life gone by you can travel through time same way you can travel through space. Stay with it and you can relive your lifetime in that split second. All heartbreaks and cheers, laughter and tears. Impossible victories that were clinched and your destiny that slipped, life served sunny side up and loss served whipped. Your life is nothing more but a collection of those laughters and lines, euphoria and whines.

Sometimes the illusion comes, when you ask why this, why me, shouldn’t I have done things differently? When you look back you see the diversions in your destiny, like a pruned bonsai tree or forked lighting. But what you do not realize is that it’s an illusion, there are no choices, there is nothing but a straight line. If you had done something else, taken a different road then it wouldn’t have been you, it would have been someone else, asking a different set of questions.

When I am packing up things in my room I realize that it is not just stuff I am packing but a life. It is baggage both in the literal sense and figurative, and I need to decide what to carry with me and what to leave behind. Everything I own is a part of me, a part of who I wished to be. Cutting out anything is like leaving your life behind, but like all journeys, in life too, you can’t take everything with you. So the world that I am a part of, the world that I helped shape will end tomorrow and tomorrow a different world will rise, and what to keep and what not will be decided by the world and the man that I would be tomorrow. So without condoning or condemning I go through it. Because as they say ‘C'est la vie’ or such is life.


  1. one of the best post of yours... so true and touching.... liked it very much...

  2. champ in sum hrs i hav my FIN ET so to refresh myself i visited ur blog n here wot i m seeing is GLOBAL GYAN...y dude..u r gud at many other raunchy things!!!

  3. @Sachin - Sorry to disappoint .... But i'm not a humorist,or a raunchist (if there is such a word)... I just write what I feel like expressing.... And at that moment maybe I felt like expressing Global Gyan ....


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